Take a Look at a Selection of our recent work below:


Replacement arms, hands and staff of a 19″ carved wooden Taoist deity (click to enlarge)

1 Shou Lao before


Re-French polished Victorian dining table (click to enlarge)

French Polishing Before  French Polishing After


Restoration and repair of a sea-grass chair (click to enlarge)

Seagrass Rocker Before  Seagrass Rocker After


Replacement hand carved lion mask and gallery (click to enlarge)

Lion Mask Closeup  Lion Mask


Much needed repair to a toilet box (click to enlarge)

Toilet Box Before  Toilet Box After


A pair of bespoke turned bowls (click to enlarge)

Trinket bowl  Macacauba Bowl


A new wooden hinge joint for an early Victorian Pembroke table (click to enlarge)

Pembroke table hinge joints during  Pembroke table hinge joints after