Crotchet hooks, Candle holders, bowls made from an old tree from your garden, newel posts and stair rods, chairs, model ship components are only a taste of what I have turned for clients in the past.  All turnings are done by hand and are made accurately and with a high quality, well defined crisp finish.
The polish used will be appropriate to the item, for example, a bowl to be used for fruit would have a harmless finish such as Tung oil or Danish oil.

A set of five pocket watch stands (click to enlarge)

2 Watch stands 1 Watch stand

A set of five pocket watch stands designed, turned, dated and numbered for a Bridegroom, three Grooms-men and the Father of the Bride.

Pair ships cannons (click to enlarge)

ships cannon barrel and drawing
Above is a pair of ships cannons made out of Maple.  They were created to Admiralty drawings for a client reproducing a scale model of the ship.

Macacauba Cross-stitch lap stand (click to enlarge)

Cross stitch lap stand

A pair of candlesticks in Padauk and Maple (click to enlarge)

Maple and Padauk Candlesticks